One Step Ahead (Hardwick #2)

Charlie has help in unraveling his conspiracy. But did he sign his partner’s death warrant?

Charlie and Sarah know who killed Charlie’s old partner. But when they arrest him, the feds release the killer, no questions asked.

With a federal agent watching their every move, the two detectives must find a way to get the killer behind bars. Meanwhile, they have a city full of other deaths to deal with – from a public murder with no witnesses to an unstoppable wave of suicides.

Can they get murder charges to stick to the killer? Or will the federal government stand in their way?

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Before Charlie Hardwick was a homicide detective...

Before he was knee-deep in a national conspiracy...

Before he went to prison for murder...

He was just Officer Charlie Hardwick.

Watch the conspiracy begin, as the worst experience of Charlie's life violently steals everything from him.

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