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Officer Charlie Hardwick is in love with his girlfriend and his job. In one night, he’s going to lose everything, and will embark on a path in life he never asked for.

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Who framed Charlie Hardwick?
He spent sixteen years for the brutal murder of his partner. Now he’s been exonerated, and he’s responsible for solving other murders. But he’s obsessed with solving his partner’s death – and the deeper he goes into the conspiracy, the more bodies that pile up around him.
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I’ve loved reading books since I was a little kid grabbing the latest releases off of the big wooden barn shelf at the local library. But as an adult, I’ve grown to loathe most fiction: it’s slow, it’s tediously detailed, and it includes scenes that have no real bearing on the story at hand.

I wanted fiction that moved like a TV show. I wanted plots that moved, characters that could be defined without detailing every hair on their heads, and interesting story arcs. That’s why I started writing fiction.

Today, thousands of readers have downloaded my books. I hope you’re one of them.

I live in Germantown, WI, with my expecting wife and two young boys, who endlessly support my work.

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