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54 More Things I Know to Be True

Plenty of things in this world are debatable, but to me, these are not:

  1. If you want to be happy, at some point, you have to take a risk. This is true in both your professional and your personal lives.
  2. The greatest things that have happened to me in this life occurred when I was at my most vulnerable.
  3. Many people view taking action as “work”, or something that detracts from your life.
  4. Action empowers you. It gives you control.
  5. You have more control than you think.
  6. The only way to really tap into that control, even at your lowest, most excruciating point, is to simply entertain the idea that you possess it. Once your brain thinks you have control, you start making decisions to prove it right.
  7. Being connected via the interwebs is a truly wonderful thing because it is adding so much to our lives.
  8. Being connected via the interwebs is a truly awful thing because it continues to take away so much of it.
  9. The true joys in life are simple: a board game with someone close, a great conversation over a few beers, quietly watching the sun rise. Note that none of these joys involve shoving a smartphone in your face.
  10. One of the most unique and awesome actions you can take in your life is keeping your phone in your pocket during dinner or a conversation.
  11. The fact that #10 has to be said is incredibly depressing to me.
  12. Facebook can be fun, but it’s not so important that you need to be on it all day. Nothing happened today, and nothing will happen tomorrow.
  13. Email is an important form of communication, but you aren’t that important. You don’t need to be notified every time something comes in.
  14. Writing down a goal on paper is one of the best ways to achieve something.
  15. I installed StayFocusd for Chrome last night because I was wrong.
  16. To this day, nothing makes me laugh as consistently as a good quality sitcom.
  17. The ’90s were awesome, but my life at that time sucked.
  18. When pro wrestling is done right, few forms of entertainment are as captivating.
  19. Pro wrestling is rarely done right anymore.
  20. In a different life, I live in London.
  21. In another life, I live in Austin, Texas.
  22. 99% of people in this world have the time, but they’re not willing to make the priority.
  23. You are not the other 1%.
  24. Nothing forces you to grow up quicker than when a friend dies young.
  25. Way too many people assume that technology is something they don’t have time for, or will complicate their lives.
  26. Technology has made my life easier, saved me thousands of dollars, and saved me lots of time.
  27. Consumption is almost as important as creation, as long as you consume the right stuff.
  28. Teddy Roosevelt would laugh at those who say there’s too much consumption. He would, however, agree that we are all consuming the wrong stuff.
  29. We all should be reading more books.
  30. We all should be reading more blogs – real ones that add value to our lives, not ones with pictures of Randy Savage Photoshopped into different pictures.
  31. If we are not making intentional decisions about how to live our lives, then we are allowing someone else to do it for us.
  32. A man treats women with respect. This is non-negotiable.
  33. Maui is one of the most stunningly beautiful places in the world.
  34. While in Europe, we lost a lot of money and spent large portions of the trip lost, tired, and miserable.
  35. I still want to go back and see more.
  36. Travel is accessible to everyone. Just because you don’t have enough money now doesn’t mean you can’t get it.
  37. I just bought an Android tablet, but that’s because I determined that I want one. I don’t need one.
  38. I’m only using it for consuming content – mainly blogs – so I bought a cheap one. I don’t game, so I’m not going to spend a lot of money on a “powerful” one right now.
  39. I can’t wait to have children.
  40. I can’t wait to own a house.
  41. We haven’t rushed into either of those things because we know how those commitments affect our lives. We’re young – we have time.
  42. There are a lot of benefits to hanging onto a piece of your childhood, as well as keeping a childlike mind.
  43. However, shirking responsibility and being lazy is not a part of #42.
  44. No matter what politician is in office, half the country will be unhappy, and the other half will be complaining about the half that is unhappy.
  45. No matter what politician is in office, nothing’s going to get done and this country will continue to spiral.
  46. I am still damn proud to be from the United States.
  47. Once in a while, you need to set a goal that stops other people in their tracks. Then, you need to hustle your butt off and achieve it.
  48. Sometimes, the temporary pain is worth being able to tell the story for the rest of your life.
  49. Most pain, especially physical, is temporary. Fearing it throughout life only leads to a life not worth living.
  50. If you expect discomfort, you can handle it better.
  51. My LASIK surgery may go down as one of the smartest investments I’ve ever made in my life.
  52. There is no such thing as overnight success. At all. It does not happen.
  53. Success only comes from sacrifice and discomfort. If you can’t handle those two things, then I hope you’re happy where you are, because you’re not going to get any further.
  54. Crap, I just realized I’ve written something really similar to this already. Oh well. I’m going to add the word “more” to the title.

What do you know to be true about life?