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The Chase (Charlie Hardwick #3)

If police detective Charlie Hardwick doesn’t move fast enough, he will have another dead partner – and this time, it will be his fault…

In his zeal to solve the crime he was falsely accused of, police detective Charlie Hardwick has now put his partner, Sarah, in grave danger. Without her at his side, he must take out the men who kidnapped her before they do something drastic.

Meanwhile, they need to solve an endless stream of other deaths, like a killer who confesses she pulled the trigger yet insists she’s innocent to a disturbing secret cult operating under the city.

It all leads to a jaw-dropping conclusion that threatens to completely destroy all of Charlie and Sarah’s investigative work.

Can Charlie save his partner this time? Or will she suffer the same fate as his last partner? And can they stem the overwhelming tide of death and destruction the city thrusts at them?

“I’ve got to know what happens next!”
– Theresa

“I cannot wait for more books!”
– Julie

“Great series!”
– Mary