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Charlie’s been running for two seasons. This season, he’s on the hunt.

Season 3 of Hardwick is now available in both Kindle and paperback formats, and you can get your copy right here, right now!

This is the third season of Hardwick – six episodes total, each with its own case for Charlie to solve as he unravels the conspiracy that put him in jail:

  • Episode 13: Bait – The season premiere. Charlie races across town to save his partner from death – while dodging a few bullets along the way.
  • Episode 14: Flight – How does a mass shooter disappear into thin air – in front of an audience of thousands?
  • Episode 15: Illusion – She admits to pulling the trigger, but she insists she’s not the killer. How is that possible?
  • Episode 16: Tick Tock – A standoff with a woman strapped to a bomb turns deadly… and that’s only the beginning of this manhunt.
  • Episode 17: Hunger – A disturbing discovery reveals a secret cult lurking beneath the city.
  • Episode 18: Haunted – The season finale. A string of bodies hidden in plain sight aren’t discovered until it’s too late, but where are they coming from? And why?

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