Framed (Hardwick #1)

He sends killers to prison. Not too long ago, he was one of them.

Charlie Hardwick just got out of prison for murdering his partner – because he never did it. With a new lease on life, Charlie could do whatever he wanted again. But when offered a multimillion-dollar settlement, he turned it down… to return to the police force.

Now a detective, Charlie solves murders every day – from sadistic serial killers taunting the police with photographs to local politicians sacrificed for their own rhetoric. Yet he’s obsessed with his partner’s death. Who really did it? Who framed him for it? And why?

Caught between his new duties as a homicide detective and his urge to dive into the conspiracy that cost him 16 years of his life, Charlie will be forced to go behind the backs of his superiors – and his new partner – if he wants to figure out how he wound up in jail in the first place.

Will Charlie be able to solve other murders and unravel his own conspiracy at the same time? Or will his illegal investigation be uncovered and cost him his job?

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Before Charlie Hardwick was a homicide detective...

Before he was knee-deep in a national conspiracy...

Before he went to prison for murder...

He was just Officer Charlie Hardwick.

Watch the conspiracy begin, as the worst experience of Charlie's life violently steals everything from him.

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