100-Word Flash Fiction Challenge

Note: today, I am submitting this entry into the flash fiction challenge over at TerribleMinds.com. The challenge is to write a story using 100 words or less. This odd little ditty clocks in at 97 words. I have no idea what part of my brain it came from. Enjoy.

Boy meets girl.

Boy asks girl out on a date.

Boy takes girl to a movie.

Boy and girl have a wonderful evening together.

Boy takes girl home.

Boy tells girl he had a nice time tonight.

Girl agrees, saying she had a lot of fun.

Boy awkwardly stands at the door.

Girl knows what’s coming.

Boy closes his eyes and leans in for a kiss.

Girl pulls off her mask, revealing that she is a hideous alien creature, pulls boy into the house while he screams for his life.

Boy is never seen again.

The end.

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