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I write books and essays that I would read. There must be other readers out there looking for the same things that interest me.

I’ve loved reading books since I was a little kid grabbing the latest releases off of the big wooden barn shelf at the local library. But as an adult, I’ve grown to loathe most fiction: it’s slow, it’s tediously detailed, and it includes scenes that have no real bearing on the story at hand. 

My favorite people in the world.

I wanted fiction that moved like a TV show. I wanted plots that moved, characters that could be defined without detailing every hair on their heads, and interesting story arcs. That’s why I started writing fiction.

Today, thousands of readers have downloaded my books. I hope you’re one of them.

I live in Germantown, WI, with my beautiful, loving wife and three young children, who endlessly support my work.

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See the beginning of the conspiracy…

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