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How can I become a freelance copywriter?

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Who is Tom Meitner?

Copywriter. Family Man. All-Around Nice Guy.

Hi. I’m Tom.

I help copywriters build consistent, sustainable businesses without outsourcing.

I spend hours every day dishing out tips, tricks, and strategies for getting and keeping clients so that those paychecks keep flowing into your bank account.

I believe fully in the one-man business. That’s why I don’t spend a bunch of time and money on outsourcing and having to manage subcontracted writers.

To me, the dream is working for myself, by myself. That means keeping your head on straight, keeping your clients happy, and keeping the words flowing.

My articles, products, and programs are all built to help you create the one-man business you’ve been dying to have. Each one taps into my 15+ years of experience as a freelancer.

If you want the most personalized attention and support, join my Solo Copy Foundations program and I’ll work with you directly.