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The art of the pro wrestling neck brace

Are you getting the right kind of attention?

Andy Kaufman. The Sandman. “Cowboy” Bob Orton.

As a lifelong fan of pro wrestling, I just love a good, fake injury.

Some guy gets “hurt” in a storyline on TV, so he wears a cast or a neck brace or tapes up his ribs to visibly display it to everyone and make it look real.

It only works, of course, if you commit to it.

But there’s 2 ways to commit to the pro wrestling injury:

  1. Be ridiculous, or
  2. Sell it as super serious

Andy Kaufman took a piledriver and wore a neck brace everywhere, claiming he was injured. But Kaufman was a comedian, and did it so over-the-top that it was entertaining.

The Sandman, lesser known, was “blinded” on TV. At home, he would answer the door acting blind to sell it to the locals.

Then there’s Tony Khan.

Tony Khan is the owner of All Elite Wrestling, or AEW.

Last week, he took a ridiculous on-TV beatdown at the hands of some wrestlers in his company. It looked 100% fake and nobody in their right mind would believe it was legit.

Tony also works for the Jacksonville Jaguars, because his daddy owns the team. Last week was the NFL Draft, so Tony had to be there.

He wore a neck brace.

Initially, people loved it. He was selling the injury, and you respect that level of commitment.

Then he went on TV.

Tony spent the entire draft on-camera, freely moving his head and neck around while in his flimsy neck brace.

And instead of playing it up for laughs or ridiculousness, he did TV interviews where he positioned himself as a victim of a heinous act, but also that his company is the best wrestling company of all time, and their competitor, the worldwide WWE, is evil.

He tried to look sincere, but couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag.

It hurt them dramatically… but Tony would deny that.

It got AEW attention!

Tony thinks the point is to get attention and eyeballs on AEW.

He’s right. Attention is a good thing.

And he got a lot of mainstream press for it.

…but the attention won’t make him a dime, because:

  • The attention is because of how stupid he looks
  • His messaging comes across as desperate
  • Whatever he’s attempting, he’s not even doing it right

In short, he’s hyper-focused on ATTENTION being the be-all, end-all. But that attention won’t bring in new customers or viewers.

It’s actually driving them away, and hurting his brand.

His focus is in the wrong spot. It’ll kill his business.

This is why your “tactics” aren’t working

Tony grew up a wrestling fan, so he watched Andy Kaufman and The Sandman and others.

He figured, “They were doing it for attention! I should too!”

But he doesn’t understand WHY it works. So when he executes the same tactic, it bombs.

Brand building goo-roos online are doing the same thing to you.

They have a brand. They make money with that brand. So they teach you the same tactics they did.

On paper, it should work!

But you don’t know WHY it worked for them in that particular time.

You don’t know:

  • They built their brand in 2019-2020, when it was far easier to game the algorithms
  • They partner up with all their other branding goo-roo friends to make even more money, so their audiences are 100x larger than yours
  • They had clients beforehand and did a ton of cold outreach to build their businesses, so they had more authority to draw from
  • They never seem to mention the 3 years before they hit it big when they were building their brand for no money

They sell you on the idea that you just need to go out and get attention online.

But you can’t seem to turn that into sales.

And you don’t know WHY.

Skip the attention-seeking and do this

I’d rather get paid than get attention.

That’s why I go straight to the clients I want to work with.

I strike up conversations.

I lead those conversations to client contracts.

And I make those clients happy – so they keep paying me on repeat.

This is how I was able to build a $250K+/year copywriting business without outsourcing anything.

I boiled down my strategy to what my goals are… and I only have one goal.

Make money as efficiently and consistently as possible.

That’s what going TO clients does.

And you don’t need to wear a fake neck brace to do it.

If you’re working on tactics to build “authority” and get attention… but you’re not making enough money… it’s time to refocus.

That’s what I do for writers inside Solo Copy Empire.

In it, I help you draw the straightest line between where you are and where the money is.

Then I help you go get it.

It’s all about clients and building your business the right way.

And you’ll know WHY we do what we do.

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