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He treated me like a child

Hey Reader,
I could feel the heat rising in my face, I was so mad and embarrassed.
The year is 2016, and I’m working as a bartender a few nights a week to bring in a little bit of cash.
I had made every mistake in the book with my business, and it was on life support.
The job was fine. Bartending is fun, for the most part.
But bartending was also a job I took back in my early twenties. I did it in college.
Going back a decade later felt like a huge step backwards. Yet, I did it because I have…

He went 😳 when I said this to him…

I blew the mind of a writing student with this answer. Are you falling for it, too?

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This hidden motivation is why you’re not winning.

Head first. Right into my window.

What we can learn from an aviary tragedy.

This mistake cost me $105K/year

Don’t wait until you feel like climbing.

Grab a hammer and start swinging already

If I can take a post out of my office, you can build a copywriting business (seriously).