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I couldn’t make her love me

A true story of love – and the mindset problem keeping you from all the success and money you want.

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Don’t let Elon be your boss

You’re not controlling your career.

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The art of the pro wrestling neck brace

Are you getting the right kind of attention?

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Zoom calls in my underwear

The most important component of your client-getting process.

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This is a loser mindset

It’s not about “growth”. It’s deeper…

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Who clients really want to work with…

You look lazy, and you don’t realize it.

The secret that The Rock and I have in common

The uncomfortable reason people are successful… and why you’re not yet.

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Freelancing makes me a better father

There’s a reason I can be present with my kids: systems.

Decision Drivers – Workshop Recording

Hi there, I’m reorganizing a ton of stuff on Circle right now, and I had to move the Decision Drivers recording. Here is a direct link to the recording for you. The password is “meitner”. And here’s a link to the additional resources: DOC: Thanks for being a ticketholder! Tom

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“Lead with value” sucks

Stop sending unsolicited Loom videos. Nobody wants to watch them.