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Being Intimidated By Hard Things

How do you get past the fear – and take action?

Some parts of building a business are intimidating as hell.

Enough to scare you into never even trying.

But you’d be surprised how often those fears are just in your head… and how easy it gets when you get going.

For example: I haven’t been happy with my belly in recent years.

I needed something to control my eating and snacking. And I settled on intermittent fasting.

It was intimidating, to say the least.

Not eating whenever I want?!

As an avowed snacker from way back, intermittent fasting would be a giant shift in my habits.

It means keeping your eating for the day within a confined window of time. In my case, 8 hours a day.

It would cut back enormously on my calorie intake per day, which has been the problem for ages now.

For as matter-of-fact as I am about it when talking to my wife, intermittent fasting has been uncomfortable and at times, really intimidating.

But I’ve been sticking with it for several weeks now.

Getting over that intimidation

Intermittent fasting is, for the most part, just part of my routine now.

I don’t think much about it.

I just DO it.

My digestion is getting better.

I’m starting to look a little better in the mirror (not much – it’s early).

Still, when I talk about it around my wife, she can’t comprehend how someone can do that.

And I get it. When you’re on the outside looking in, wrapping your head around a scary activity like that can be difficult.

But it doesn’t have to be impossible.

How to make the impossible possible

I tell people constantly that active outreach is the fastest and most successful way to build a roster of clients.

But so many people tell me they are intimidated by it.

And I understand.

Outreach is a normal part of my routine – but if you haven’t built the habit yet, I can see why you’d be taken aback by it.

That fear can keep you from the success on the other side of outreach.

There are steps you can take to make it far easier and more realistic, though:

1. Have a clear game plan.

Yes, I could count calories and reduce my overall intake. Problem is, I never make that work for me.

Why? Because the plan is too wishy-washy. I can’t stick to it.

Intermittent fasting keeps me accountable because the plan is clear and specific: don’t eat after 8pm or before noon.

With outreach, it’s the same thing.

If your plan is “do more outreach”, you’ll fail.

If your plan is “reach out to 10 prospects per day”, you’ll have a greater chance of staying consistent.

2. KISS.

Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be, mentally.

Here’s how I keep intermittent fasting simple in my brain: “no snacks after the kids go to bed, and skip breakfast.”

That’s it.

I can keep that rule 5-6 days a week with little problem.

With outreach, it’s the same thing.

You concern yourself with all the different aspects of it, when it’s as easy as sending a few emails a day.

Simplify it in your brain.

3. Look at reliable sources for inspiration.

It always helps to see how others got results with the same thing – keeps you motivated.

Reddit is a cesspool of society, but they do have an intermittent fasting sub that I pop into if I need a little encouragement.

All you have to do for outreach inspiration is follow people who do it and get results (ahem).

4. Have a strong WHY.

My WHY for intermittent fasting isn’t just looking good in the mirror.

It’s fixing my mood from an unhealthy gut.

It’s fixing my health so I can stay more active with my kids.

It’s getting my body in shape so I can enjoy a longer lifespan.

My WHY for outreach is similar.

It’s about providing for my wife and kids – giving them the life I wish I had growing up.

Your motivation HAS to be something more than money or buying cool stuff.

5. Just try it!

You know what’s weird about intermittent fasting?

It gets easier QUICKLY.

Once I’m up and hydrated, I don’t get very hungry before lunchtime.

And as long as I make sure I get something substantial in my system before 8pm (and plenty of protein at dinner), I don’t miss snacking.

Now it’s just a part of my life.

Outreach can be just a part of your routine, too.

Once you get your first rejection, you realize it isn’t really that bad.

So you make it a habit – and that’s when results happen.

6. Track it.

I have a spreadsheet where I track my goals every day.

Fasting is on there.

And because I keep up with my tracking, I keep up with my fasting.

If you track your outreach every day – including who you reach out to – you will stay consistent with it.

7. Avoid perfectionism.

Perfect is the enemy of the good.

I don’t fast 7 days a week. I give myself permission on weekends.

You know what happens?

One of those days, I still wind up fasting a bit.

I skip breakfast on Sunday mornings still. And I’m good.

If I have a late snack some night, I’ll just reset the clock and put in at least 12 hours afterwards.

It’s keeping me on track instead of beating myself up for not being perfect.

Can’t send 10 emails today? Send 5. Or 1.

Worried you’re going to screw it up? You will. Give yourself permission to. That’s how you learn.

Once you start building habits like this, you would be surprised at how quickly you get results.

Because results are not from quick bursts of inspiration.

Building a business is like losing belly fat: it only comes through lifestyle change and consistency.

Put in the effort to stay consistent and think long-term.

Your business (and your body) will thank you for it.