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How to pull the “levers of success”


Your chance to get live 1-on-1 coaching closes in...

My Solo Copy Foundations program is designed to get you focused on clear, efficient action to build your freelance copywriting business.

But I get it: you’ve been burned before. Other programs “just didn’t work for you.”

In this video – which is normally exclusive for paid members of Solo Copy Foundations – I show:

  • The weak spots that prevent you from building a successful business
  • Clear, direct ways you can strengthen those weak spots so that you avoid the problems that they cause
  • How to set yourself up for long-term success and never have to deal with those problems… for good

Remember: every single thing I talk about and refer to in this video is covered in detail, with a specific playbook, in my Solo Copy Foundations program.

Enrollment is closing soon. This is your chance to avoid the problems that cripple so many freelancers before they ever get going.