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Things I’m Jazzed About Right Now

What to write about? Well, if I can’t think of something, I’m just going to talk about all the things exciting me right now. So let’s do this…

Magazines. Yep, I’m a magazine guy. I’ve always been, but now I’m subscribed to a TON of them. After being on a business trip and hanging out with my fellow copywriters, I realized I don’t read nearly enough. There’s a lot of things going on in the world of business, technology, finance, and politics. My job? Learn about them. Be on top of them. Use them in my copy. Hench – magazines. We even bought a magazine rack! Sometimes, it’s the simple things…

New clothes. My wife forced me to buy some new clothes at an outlet mall a few weeks ago while we were on a short out-of-town trip. Side note: when I buy any significant amount of clothing, it’s because my wife made me. I don’t hate shopping, and I actually love clothes. But thanks to a wealth of life experience, I can’t ever let myself buy new clothes on any sort of mass basis. It’s just a thing. But now that I have, I feel – as she puts it – “put together”. It’s really nice to have some new things to wear. I’m man enough to admit that. And speaking of clothes…

New suit. I bought a high-quality navy suit online (that I will be reviewing once everything is settled). The jacket fits great, but I had to return the pants. Waiting on the new size to show up on the doorstep. It’s a great suit, and I’m looking forward to wearing it. It’s like being an adult and stuff!

CloudHQ. Synced up my Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive accounts so everything is the same across the board. Hence – Dropbox on my Chromebook. Boom.

New side project. I’m not announcing it yet until things pick up some steam, but we’re off to a great start. I started a Facebook page and set up some advertising. Still looking to test and improve those ads, but I’m already over 125 likes and counting. Hoping to build a nice audience for it and then launch the site. Trying to take it slow.

Building my copy skills. Last Friday, I had some significant conversations with my two biggest clients. One told me my copy has improved “tremendously” since I started with them in January, and my recent submission needs very little editing. My second client tasked me to come up with a new idea for a promo, and I came up with two – they liked both of them and we’re moving forward with both of them.

Great TV shows coming this season. Parks and Recreation. New Girl. Modern Family. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. The Blacklist. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Parenthood. Lots of good stuff on the plate, and I enjoy a great TV show with the best of ‘em.

Football. PACKERS.

The weather. The heat is finally breaking around here, and we’re starting to get some beautiful, crisp fall weather. I love it. It puts me in a great mood. Plus, we’re only a few months away from Christmas, which is just awesome.

So what’s the point?

Hey, sometimes it helps to just list a bunch of stuff that gets you excited, right? It’s good for you. It’s not about bragging or ignoring the bad things in life. It’s just about keeping yourself going and keeping some momentum in your life.

What’s jazzing you up right now?

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