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5 Ways Writing Empowers You

You might be tempted to ignore this post right away.

“Eh, I’m not a writer. I hate writing. Moving on…”

That’d be a mistake, though. You don’t have to be a “writer” to write. In fact, not being a writer might make you a better writer because you won’t be hampered by the rules of traditional, “proper” writing. It allows you to be more honest with your words, and honesty is one of the hallmarks of great writing.

But then, you have to ask the question, “Why write?” What’s the point, right?

Whether you are putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, there are plenty of great reasons to spill those words out onto the page.

Here are some of my favorite reasons to write:

  • Relief. Ever sit up at night because you can’t get something off your mind? Or struggle with concentrating because some thoughts just keep sitting in your head? Write them down. Just grab a cheap notebook and pen, and spill all those thoughts out onto the page. By getting them out of your head and onto paper (or screen), you relieve your brain of the stress of figuring out what to do with those thoughts. That relief leads you to better, more focused concentration.

  • Passion. Maybe you’ve got The Great American Novel stuck in your brain. Or you love to talk about some random topic, like Star Wars or collectible coins. Writing about it allows you to explore your passion. It allows you to find your voice and demonstrate your love of the topic. That’s something we can all get on board with, right?

  • Therapy. This is, by far, my favorite reason to write. Taking the cue from Accidental Genius, doing a little freewriting is a great way for me to work through something. I might be stuck on a work problem, a personal problem, or just any “unsolvable” mystery bouncing around in my noggin. By directing my freewriting around a topic for 10-15 minutes, I am able to give my brain an outlet for kicking around solutions, testing out some theories, and making some revelations. It works more often than you might think.

  • Power. Just by putting a few words on a page, I have the power to change a life. I have the power to motivate somebody. I have the power to teach somebody something they never knew. I have the power to entertain someone, even if for just a few minutes. There are no words to describe the power that comes from writing in a public forum.

  • Career. So writing has all of these personal advantages for me, but one of the best right now for me is a professional one. Writing has given me the ability to turn my life around financially. With writing, I’ve built a career that pays bills, puts food on the table, takes my wife and I to places like Disney World or all over Europe, and helps us pay off our massive debts. Writing is my career. Writing puts money in my bank account. For lack of a better way of putting it, that is so cool.

And to enjoy these kinds of benefits, you don’t have to be a “writer”. You just have to write. You just have to put words on the page.

You may have tried to write before and stopped. I know I have. It’s hard to keep that focus and effort going all the time. That’s why you might need a little help.

From now until Thursday, July 11th, you can get a free copy of Before You Quit Writing, Read This! from the Literati.

This book is a great source of inspiration, motivation, and practical advice designed to show you all the great reasons to stick with your writing, even when you just know you don’t want to anymore.

Bonus reason to grab your copy? I helped write it.

So if you want to support a great group of writers (including yours truly), or if you just need a kick in the pants every once in a while (and who doesn’t?), then you owe it to yourself to grab a copy of Before You Quit Writing, Read This!

And a special thanks to our fearless leader, Dave Ursillo, for putting this project together.

Remember: this book is free until this coming Thursday. Then the price goes up. So if you have a Kindle, or the ability to download the Kindle app on your mobile device, or you have the Kindle Web Reader on your desktop, then download this book immediately and lock in the free price before it goes up.

Then, get to writing. There’s so much good you can do for yourself and the world when you start getting those words out of your head.

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