Tom Meitner

Smelling Up Old Memories

Do you remember what school smelled like? That’s an incredibly odd question to ask, I know. But it’s on my mind at the moment. My grade school had a particular smell to it. I couldn’t place it anywhere else. The aroma that wafted into my nostrils when I stepped through[…]

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Wishing: When Success Bites Back

When I was a kid, Christmas was my favorite time of year. As an adult, I get a little overwhelmed. See, as a kid, you worry about getting presents and hanging out with your cousins. To me, that’s what Christmas was. But as an adult, I have to worry about[…]

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Start Small

Start Small: How to grow into achievements

Big things start out as little things. But 92% of people can’t handle that. Last October, I started a little online gift shop. It’s nothing earth-shattering. I found a few items from a supplier and listed them on the website. There are plenty of awesome tools to do that easily[…]

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