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How quickly can you get paid as a writer?

It doesn’t take much to get serious momentum behind your career.

Are you (unintentionally) delaying your first big writing paycheck?

Most writers do – because they feel like they’re unqualified, or that they “need to know more” before they can write for money.

But there’s another way – and it’s far more effective.

Let’s wind back the clock to spring 2023 for a second…

He did WHAT downhill?!

My oldest son was 8 years old.

For several years, we had been working with him on riding a bike.

Over and over, we explained everything to him. Showed him how to do it.

And he just couldn’t get it to “click”. He couldn’t balance, he couldn’t keep his feet on the pedals, and he couldn’t keep forward momentum.

Then, in January 2023, we moved into our house.

One of the great bonuses of this house is a long, smooth driveway with a hill at the top of it.

With this new driveway and tons of space that is easy to ride on, we put our boy back on his bike and let him use gravity to move him forward.

In about a day, he had his feet on the pedals and could do laps around the driveway.

Then, in the same afternoon where he felt like he was confident, he kept going… around the house and down the VERY steep hill in the backyard of our 4-acre property.

(I wouldn’t even go down that hill on my bike!)

In less than 48 hours, he went from “I can’t ride a bike” to tooling around our property on rough terrain, laughing and cheering the whole way.

Riding his bike in the back yard is one of his favorite things to do now, especially when he can get a full head of steam from the driveway hill.

It just has to “click”

My son didn’t need a more thorough education on riding a bike.

He just needed to get on it in a favorable situation and start getting the feel for the process.

Once he did, everything clicked and he took off.

This is what happens when you start writing for clients, too.

You don’t need a long, formal education.

You need brief instruction, favorable circumstances, and then you need to GO.

This means finding some relatively easy to write projects for clients that need them. Low-hanging fruit.

It’s why I start off teaching writers how to write emails.

Sure, you can do landing pages and sales letters and VSLs and ads.

But there is so much demand for email copy out there right now, you can easily step in, do some work, get paid for it, and you’re off to the races.

You won’t get paid on the sidelines

My job is to get you out of Homework Hell.

You’ll never study your way to a paycheck.

And just like my son using the momentum from our driveway hill, I want you to use the momentum of email copywriting to get you where you want to go.

It’s the fastest way to get your career to start “clicking”.

Heck, you don’t even need to move onto other kinds of copy if you don’t want to. I write emails mainly, and I get $2,000-$6,000/month per client from them!

But until you put your feet on the pedals and start going, you won’t get anywhere.

Lay the groundwork for your copywriting business in just one week of work. In this free guide, I hand you all the basics to get you started fast. No catch – just the cheat sheet.

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