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The Most Important Puzzle Piece for Success

13 years ago today, I cemented my chances for success as a freelancer.

I know goo-roos aren’t supposed to talk about this, but there are drawbacks to being a freelance copywriter (gasp!).

You’re embracing a kind of risk that 9-5ers don’t have – not more but different.

And if you want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with the right people.

I picked the right person 13 years ago.

As you can guess by the photo, today is my and my wife’s 13th wedding anniversary.

Yes, 13 years ago – about 30 pounds ago – a full head of hair ago, I made a lifetime commitment to that beautiful woman.

And more importantly for our conversation here: she made a lifetime commitment to me.

She put her trust in me, her faith in me, her confidence in me.

And she supports me every step of the way.

It started FAST.

When we got married, I was working 1:30pm-10pm Monday through Friday and every other weekend in a customer service role.

So I got up every day, ate breakfast alone (my wife worked EARLY in a hospital), worked on my copy biz, ate lunch alone, went to work, ate dinner alone, worked some more, came home, snuck into our bedroom and kissed my sleeping wife on her forehead, wound down alone, prepped meals for the next day, and went to bed.

We were married… but we weren’t living the married lifestyle.

It took about 3 weeks of this after we got home from our honeymoon for her to say, “How long would it take for you to replace your income with writing full time?”

This is an important note…

My wife hates risk.

Hates it.

She cried on her first day of high school because she was so scared.

She lived with her parents instead of dorming at college because she didn’t want to be on her own.

Shoot, flying on a plane gives her anxiety.

She does not like NOT having control over a situation.

And she told me to quit my full-time job.

She had the WHY. And so did I.

I put my two weeks’ notice in the very next day.

You NEED to surround yourself with support

Yeah, we’re “solopreneurs”. I get it.

But this game can be frustrating.

It is for everybody. Even me, and I do really well.

Freelancing is a mental and emotional game as much as it is a logistical or financial one.

When I am dealing with the frustration, I know I can go to my wife and talk about it. She can boost me up when I need it. She can be a sounding board if I need to vent or talk my way through something.

The game is completely different when you have the support of a loved one.

Now, you might have a loved one who will follow you to the ends of the earth, but is also worried about the uncertainty.

Does the fact that she told me to quit my job mean my wife suddenly embraced risk because she supports me so much?


I could show her a detailed game plan.

If I had told my wife, “Sure, I could probably do it. Lots of people are. I’ll just copy what they’re doing. I can send some emails or whatever.”

She would have told me to keep my job.

Instead, I sat down at the kitchen table with her and my laptop and laid out my entire game plan, start to finish.

How I would get clients. Who would be my clients. How much I could make from those clients. What I would do if I didn’t get those clients.

And so on.

If you want the support of loved ones who don’t quite “get it”, you can make it easy for them with a detailed game plan.

THIS is your game plan.

Look, this is where I pivot into my usual pitch for my Solo Copy Empire program, but I want to highlight something different today – a thing that I don’t really talk about as much.

Last spring, I asked my 170+ writers inside why they joined and what they find to be the most valuable part of the program.

Overwhelmingly, I got the same answer:

You’ve been where we are, and you offer support based on your real-life experience.


If you want the people around you to support you, it’s far easier if you have a written, clear game plan with A, B, and C laid out in detail.

And a clear reply for “What if it doesn’t work?”

If you join Solo Copy Empire, you will have that plan in detail.

And if they ask, “What if it doesn’t work?”, you say: “The program includes a full year of direct support with Tom. He’s been doing this for 15+ years and he’ll walk me through a plan to figure out the roadblocks and get on track fast. And he’ll hold me accountable.”

That’s not just good for them… it’s good for YOU

You’re reading this far because your copywriting business isn’t where you want it to be.

That’s because you lack clarity and focus.

Solo Copy Empire hands you clarity. It hands you ONE proven strategy to focus on. And it hands you support and accountability to keep you on track.

In fact, there’s so much support that I’m only taking a total of 12 writers this month.

And there are only a handful of spots left.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone… because I only have so much bandwidth every month (and the support is from ME directly).

You can arm yourself with what you need… and arm yourself with the details you need to give your loved ones…

Guys, this is the most straightforward, effective way to add as much freelancing income as you want – a few thousand bucks on the side, or a $10K+ per month full-time 9-5 escape plan.

Spots are selling out.

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