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21 Things That Currently Fascinate Me

I’ve got a lot on my mind – lots of cool and not-so-cool things going on. So let’s dump them out on a page, shall we? (note: This is a good exercise for you to do, especially if you are having trouble concentrating.)

  1. Jazz music. I’ve added the Blue Note app on Spotify, and I play a little classic jazz from time to time. Makes me feel like a Huxtable. I love it.
  2. Classic sitcoms. Cheers, Friends, early Simpsons, Arrested Development (different kind of “classic”), Boy Meets World. The sitcom is derided today as a lazy, cookie-cutter way of running a show – and it can be. But watching a quality one reminds you of what an effective form of comedy it can be. These shows still make me laugh out loud, even when I know the joke is coming.
  3. The effectiveness of budgeting. Most people look at a budget as an “I can’t” form of document. But my wife and I see our budget as a form of freedom. We are finally able to spend on quality stuff, since we designate money every month to spend on it.
  4. Intentional living. Homemade hand soap, homemade laundry soap, homemade dishwasher detergent, homemade face wash, homemade shampoo, and so on. We’re making active decisions to reduce our wastefulness and increase the quality of the products we are putting on and in our bodies. It’s making a huge difference, both physically and financially.
  5. The destruction of intellectual discourse. There seems to be no existence of respectful disagreement in our culture anymore, and that makes me sad. Less reason, more shouting – that’s the M.O. today.
  6. My love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love that Facebook connects me with people I rarely get to see or talk to. I hate that Facebook gives a voice to LOUD OPINIONS whenever I post something that somebody disagrees with.
  7. The effectiveness of yoga. Yes, I do DDP Yoga still. And I’ve put on about 10 pounds of muscle in the last few months. All I’ve done is use my bodyweight, and it’s made a huge difference in my health.
  8. New vegetables. Without Brewers Organics delivering a box of produce to our front door every other week, my wife and I would never buy bok choy, arugula, or even kiwi. We are richer for the experience – and healthier. Tonight? Maple baked radishes.
  9. The tablet as a consumption device. I love my Kindle, and it’s great with articles. But there is a certain middle ground where I have blog posts that I want to read away from my computer. Adding Pocket to my wife’s cheap Android tablet has renewed my interest in the device. I want one so that I can consume away from my desk more often, and I love that I would only need a cheap tablet to do it.
  10. Feedly. I am finding myself able to consume more news and posts that affect my life positively with this new tool. It is remarkably effective in helping me run through content – even more so than Google Reader was.
  11. No TV Tuesdays. Also part of our intentional living, my wife and I have continued this on-and-off tradition of turning off the television on Tuesday evenings after dinner and doing something together, like playing a board game. It helps us get along better as a couple, even if we are both sore losers.
  12. The reproductive process. This has been off-limits for me for my entire life (as it has for most guys). But as we look to build a family, I find open discussion about how the male and female bodies work together to be very interesting and not at all gross. I guess it helps that I have a vested interest in the outcome of that coworking. And I’m not just talking about the sex (though it helps).
  13. Early rising. It still is a struggle at times, but the more I commit to it, the easier it gets. I used to be more tempted to take a morning nap when I woke up at 5am. Now I find that I can get out of bed with little issues in the wee hours of the morning, and my work life is better off for it.
  14. Reading. From blogs to books, I’m not doing enough of it.
  15. Writing. Also not doing enough of it.
  16. The challenge of my work. I’ve broken through to where the good money is in direct response copywriting, but the flip side of that is that expectations are exponentially higher, and the work is much, much harder. However, that does make it more rewarding when I write a winner, both professionally and financially.
  17. Pinterest. I really didn’t think I’d be this “into” Pinterest, but it’s turned into a valuable resource for me to find ideas on home design, DIY projects, and great food to eat. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.
  18. Book writing. It’s been a real struggle, and something I want to talk about more in the coming days. I still need to figure a few things out about how I want to write and how I want to learn to write better.
  19. Communication. It’s the cornerstone of our marriage. I’m amazed at the marital problems I hear about that can be traced back to a simple lack of communication.
  20. Job security and the concept of “risk”. I’ve long been derided for being an entrepreneur because it’s “too risky”. But 2 out of my 3 brothers have lost their jobs this year for one reason or another, and the third is hardly in a job that is secure for the long term. How is putting all your eggs in one basket less risky that diversifying across a few clients? This past week certainly confirmed that point with me.
  21. The price of quality. Clothing, food, products, and so on. The price isn’t always so high. You might have to pay with your time a little bit, but more often than not, I’ve found that the time cost has been incredibly worth it in the long run. It’s amazing how much you can improve your surroundings with just an hour a month.

What fascinates you right now?

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