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The “I don’t have time” Lie

I want to do Morning Pages.

I’ve read about them endlessly. Given my view of personal writing as a very effective form of therapy, Morning Pages should be right up my alley.

One of the reasons I moved to a Pixelbook was so that I could write them by hand on my tablet without having to deal with a bunch of paper.

But I fall out of the habit often.

Writing longhand takes a while. That’s the point of Morning Pages, really. But when I’m behind on deadlines, taking 20-30 minutes to just write a stream of consciousness feels like a waste. Every minute counts!

This week, I have been telling myself to get back into it again… but I immediately slipped into the “I don’t have time” lie.

“I have too much to do!”

This morning, I skipped Morning Pages to do other things.

What other things? Browse the Web, read a few articles, general nonsense… and soon it was 9:00am. I had been sitting for nearly an hour, wasting time and not getting any work done.

I had time. I just didn’t use it.

Upon this realization, I quickly closed all my tabs, grabbed my Pixelbook Pen, and started writing my three pages.

I have time. I just lie to myself too often. It’s an easy trap to slip into – and I’m betting you do it yourself.

Let’s start making time.