Who framed Charlie Hardwick?

That’s the question being explored in every season of Hardwick.

I started writing the Hardwick series in August 2016, and I continue to work on more episodes as we speak, fleshing out the characters, coming up with new murders for each episode, and seeing how far down the “rabbit hole” Charlie’s case can go. It’s been fun for me – and I hope it is fun for you too.

You’ll notice that these episodes are quite short – usually only 50-75 pages long. That’s by design. I’ve set up this series like a TV series: a bite-sized episode at a time, with an overall story arc tying all the episodes together. It’s a fun way for me to explore the storytelling process.

It also allows for me to package up episodes into “seasons”, with clearly-defined arcs for each season of the series.

Current Seasons Available to Read right now:


Season One - FRAMED

Sixteen years ago, Officer Charlie Hardwick was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his partner. Today, he has been exonerated for the crime and given his life back. In lieu of a massive settlement, he is now a homicide detective with the Chicago Police Department.

His partner has her own questionable past. His chief has serious doubts of his innocence. And he has a city full of murders to solve. But while he adjusts to his new life, he's obsessed over his own case: who murdered his partner? Who framed him for it and sent him to jail? And why?

This is the first season of Hardwick - six episodes total, each with its own case for Charlie to solve.

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Charlie gets some help in unraveling the conspiracy... he's discovered who actually murdered Peter Nolte. And now he's hell-bent on bringing that person to justice.

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