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Tom Meitner

Want clients? Yell “Cheeseburger!”

The classics are classics for a reason.

waiter serving beverages

A 3-year client-getting lesson

The most valuable life experience I ever got.

short-coated brown dog

The 3-letter “hack” to getting more clients

It’s stupid-easy, and yet almost nobody does this.

two men talking

How I fixed the cold outreach process

…and I didn’t do it with personalization or any of that “extra mile” stuff.

Your success depends on making THEM happy

Your success is not about YOU. Shift your focus and start making money.

white and blue concrete castle under blue sky during daytime

Getting More Clients is Simpler Than You Think

We’re making this harder than it needs to be.

equestrian riding horse at daytime

Want more writing clients? Put on blinders

You’re doing too much, and that’s killing your business.

pile of potatoes with shovel

2 days of work for $30

There is more opportunity than you can imagine today.

man in red shirt riding on bicycle

How quickly can you get paid as a writer?

It doesn’t take much to get serious momentum behind your career.